Food industry

Traceability allows to show and to assess the compliance with health and quality standards. To ensure the best traceability possible, food manufacturers and industrials specialized in food packaging have to codify and identify their packagings.

It can be the marking of an expiry date, best before date, batch number, reference or another internal coding on different kinds of materials (cardboards, plastic, wood, meats,caps...).

Furthermore, a marking can help in  personalizing or decorating food products or packagings. We manufacture our hot stamping tools that can be used by hand for example to mark wooden cheese boxes, wooden crates,wine cases, jams... We also sell engraved plates for an integration into a production line.

Hot marking is associated with food production (ice cream sticks, meats, livestock, cheese, jam,etc).

Do no hesitate to contact our sales representatives that will be delighted to help you in your marking project.

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