I – "Made in France"

Products made by BVG are manufactured in our plant located in GERGY (71590) to provide you high-quality tools. BVG has been able to adapt to globalization while keeping its production unit in France to supply you quality products.

In our company, we are convinced that quality and ethics combination works. Beyond manufacturing standards, it is all about preserving jobs in our factory in GERGY (71), city know as the "cradle " of the  engraving.


II – Our equipments and manufacturing processes

Our workshop is equipped with CNC machines, laser machines, milling machines, grinding machines, presses. We have several processes that allow us to engrave different kind of products as punches, hand stamps, plates, wheels, dialers, dies, hot stamping devices,etc.

Regular controls all along manufacturing processes and a last one before the expedition.

Following your needs and specifications, we select the material that best fits (steel, bronze, cupro-aluminium, brass, etc.). BVG can do many kinds of engravings (relief or hollow characters, standard or reversed, etc).


III – Cost and production efficiencies

Our technical team is qualified and trained to manufacture high-quality, professional and reliable products.

Our sales team is at your disposal to give you advices and supporting you in your marking project. They can also come directly to your plant.

The Export Department speaking English, Spanish and German works for international companies located in Europe, Asia, Africa, America...

Do no hesitate to contact us for your marking needs !