Wood industry

The wood market is composed of several actors and we are working with all of them in the world: pallet or wooden box manufacturers, cooperages, sawmills, furniture manufacturers (woodworking), artisans... The wood marking is the manufacturer's declaration that a product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant  health, safety and environmental protection legislation.  The most common method is the hot marking / marking by burning.



In our workshop, we have developed extensive product ranges to allow hot markings :

- Manual and portable devices (gas or electric appliance).

- Devices for an integration in a production line.

- Fire branding tools.

- Engraved plate. 

- Presses.

Species of timber used, engraving dimensions and the marking speed can guide us in suggesting you the appropriate tool and material (cupro-aluminium, bronze, steel, magnesium). For any engraving, we recommend you to send us DXF, DWG or EPS files to get the best price and quality. Whatever will be the marking (ISMP 15, EUR, CE logo, IPPC, text, company logos), we are able to fulfil your requirements. In most cases, we send you a press proof before we start engraving. Once we get your approval, we can production.


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If you don't want to do hot stamping, you have another solution: ink marking. We can provide you hand or automatic rubber stamps as well as personalized stencils.

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