These machines allow various workd such as: marking, punching, cutting, setting, rivetting, assembly, drivage, forming, hot or cold dieing, hafting, rectification by hammering.

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Specifications :
  • High rate.
  • Regularity of the operations.
  • Easy adjustment of the FRAP system.
  • No physical effort for the operator.
  • No overload mechanical.
  • No vibration during the work.
  • Small energy consumption.
  • Tiny maintenance.
  • Single-phased or three-phased: 220V or 380V.
  • Longitudinal guide in 2 self-oiling bronze bearings.
  • Energy and electromagnetic power of striking by an automat.
  • Bimanual security operating, blow by blow.
  • On request: control by single contact for integration. For special applications we provide :
  1. the head of striking alone with the electrical power box,
  2. the head of striking assembled on column with the electrical power box.
  • Maintenance and instruction manual approved EC.
  • 2 ranges of power (see the board below).

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