This accessory regulates, without stages, the temperature of the burning tools of our KAUSISTAR and KAUSIRIUS MINI range. It allows to lower, increase and maintain the ideal temperature in accordance with the product to be marked.

Please read instructions carefully before using

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Specifications :
  • Input voltage: 230 V AC 50 Hz
  • Continuous power output:max. 2000 VA
  • Control range:10 – 230 V AC
  • Control:Phase angle control
  • Protection type:IP40
  • Power cable: 1,35 m
  • Dimensions : 190 x 112 x 75 MM
  • Weight : 1050 g
  • In order to make correct use of this product: as cooling time of the tools is longer than warming time, we recommend to start with an adjustment on 25% and then to increase gradually.
  • Warning: this regulator must be used only with our KAUSISTAR and KAUSIRIUS MINI range.
  • One year guarantee (BGI purchase date) for this device if it hasn't been dismantled or modified by a non employee personnel.

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