Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Hygiene & care, Packaging

Pharmaceutical and cosmetics laboratories as well as industrials specialized in the medication packaging,  care or hygiene, need to identify their packagings to ensure an optimum traceability complying with regulatory standards. It can be the marking of an expiry date, batch number, reference or another internal coding on different kinds of materials (blister, cardboard, plastic...).

In this case, our (T-shape, L-shape, rights, groove) engraved blocks are inserted into packaging machines such as cartoners, labeling machines, blister machines, named Norma, Ima, Uhlmann, Zanasi, Khalix... We manufacture punches on request following model, drawing and/or specifications.

The most common marking system is embossing but our blocks can also be designed for hot marking use.

These blocks require engraving accuracy and special attention that only an industrial engraver can guarantee. Large pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies already trust us. Do not hesitate to contact our team who will support you in your marking project.

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