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Electric engraving pen "STARFRAP": Micropercussion indent marking
Electric engraving pen
Electric engraving pen

Electric engraving pen "STARFRAP": Micropercussion indent marking

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This electric pen with its functional design is of robust construction giving many different marking or decoration options. Its ergonomic shape and good weight distribution make for excellent holding qualities. Engraving, which is in-depth and long-life, is easily carried out, needing no effort, on all materials including 65HRc hardened steels.

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Specifications :


Glass loaded ABS case - UK 94 VO RED Ø60x185mm

Weight: 440g

Voltage: 2 versions : - single phase 230V
                                 - low voltage alternating 12V with special STARFRAP power pack for 230V supply.

Class 2 (double insulation).

Power supply cable of 1.4m length.

On/off switch.

Impact control knob with indicator (with line) set to an average noise level of 77-79dBA under no-load.

FRAP’M® mandrel allowing insertion of stylus without the aid of a tool.

Ø2x25mm tungsten carbide stylus, sharpened at its 2 points, its excellent quality giving long life whatever material is to be engraved. Inversion of the stylus, using straightforward rotation, avoid the need to sharpen which would interrupt the work in progress.

DISMANTLING: take out the stylus, without using force, using pliers.

REFITTING: insert the stylus in the mandrel and then push and click on a hard surface.

Optional: HSS steel stylus for engraving stainless steels used in the aircraft of nuclear industries.

Oscillating speed: 6000 impacts/min giving clean and precise continuous line marking.

Supplied in a specially finished case with protective sheath, both decorated, comprising:
- 1 STARFRAP 230V fitted out with one long-life stylus,
- 1 set of ear protectors,
- 1 power pack (12V version)

Overall weight: - 230V version: 0.790kg
                        - 12V version: 1.630kg

Warranty: 1 year (provided the user does not tamper with the device).


- Do not expose the device to water spray.
- It is recommended that you wear protective googgles before engraving glass and scaled metals. For glass, you are advised to turn the control knob towards its minimum setting.
- This device must be kept away from children.

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